peeps, the stuff i am researching and reading for this ethics class is bringing me DOWN…so I had to take a break to find something to smile at and I found these of my niece and nephew from this summer.  It did the trick.

Also, how hot is my husband?


(i’m going to jump back in and pretend it hasn’t been months since my last post…)

Currently buried in health care ethics.  Really light reading, that class.

Blitzen Trapper’s album from 2008, Furr, is keeping me sane…by a thread.  Looking forward to this class being over in 4.5 weeks.

I just read in my sociology book the following:

“Many U.S. childrean, upon entering school for the first time, have already watched more hours of television than the total number of hours of classroom insstruction they will encounter in their entire school careers (Lemert, 1997).”

I don’t have all the info on that study, so I’m not sure how good of a study it was.  But geez…if that is right…no wonder the 18 year olds in my classes can’t go 5 minutes without doing something on their fancy phones.  Stimulation!!

Our whole group with the porters.

Our main guide Jose

Machu Picchu as seen from the Sun Gate

The crazy vehicle we took into the jungle

Some of the cats on our jungle trip

This monkey stole my breakfast!

The first jungle lodge we stayed in

The boat we took to the second jungle lodge


The view from our room at the second lodge

Second jungle lodge

The jungle crew

This post will be from our first day in Cusco through our 3 days walking through the Sacred Valley and half way through the Inca Trail Trek.  Still to come…last half of Inca Trail Trek (including Machu Picchu!) and our crazy time in the jungle as well as 1.5 days in Lima.  
Cusco city - Plaza de Armas

Sacsayhuaman - pronounced almost like "sexy woman" - an incredible structure built by the Incas who moved this size of rock with no machinery.

Moray - Incan agricultural experiment lab

We were in the yellow suite...first night in the Sacred Valley

Where "away" is...when you throw things "away"

The view from our tent our second night in the Sacred Valley

Glacier Veronica


Inca Trail Trek

Nick pointing to where we had hiked from (in that saddle)

The oldest guy in our group - 68! A fitness inspiration.

I just sent in my application for nursing school.   New door open?  Will I want to go through it?  We’ll see!

I’m going through the 1500 pictures I took during the last 2 weeks while in Peru and will hopefully have a trip report post soon.  But in the meantime, here’s the prettiest alpaca ever.

From Easter Sunday at my Grandpa’s farm…(best viewed when listening to Horse Feathers)

So…bottled water.  I’ve always thought it was sort of a wackadoo idea to pay for something you can get for basically free and then combine that with the idea of all those bagillions of plastic bottles being thrown away and you end up with me not ever being a huge proponent of bottled water.  But it sort of stopped there.  I didn’t really think of where the water was coming from or how those companies got the water.  I wasn’t even really thinking through what those water bottles could be recycled into.  And I didn’t take the effort to educate myself about it and was just floating along not really thinking about it much at all.  Until Saturday night.  Then BAM!  I got knocked right on my ass when I attended a screening of the film “Tapped – The Movie” in Salida, where Nick and I were spending some time at my family’s cabin.   I was left, literally, in tears at the end of it.  I don’t watch traditionally scary movies ever because I don’t like to feel scared on purpose…but oh man…this was a scary movie.  Much scarier than any ghost movie.

I know full well, partly because the director and producer were there doing a Q&A after the screening and they admitted it, that there was an agenda in place when they made this film.  So knowing that I have tried to move forward without overreacting and taking every single thing they presented as a fully disclosed and explained fact.  But even with a skeptical and questioning mindset, I was (an am) appalled at what’s going on around the bottled water industry.

The film is being shown tomorrow (Tuesday, March 30th) at the Starz Film Center in downtown Denver and on Wednesday the 31st somewhere on the CU campus in Boulder.  I highly encourage you to check it out if are in these areas.  They are doing a screening tour from World Water Day to Earth Day across the country so maybe it’s coming to you soon if you aren’t a Coloradoan.  If it isn’t coming near you and you have netflix, you can put it in your queue and check it out later.  Or you can buy it at their website at .  The website also has the schedule of their screening tour.  They are doing a bottle exchange before the screenings where you can exchange a single use plastic bottle for an awesome Klean Kanteen for the first 100 people (don’t quote me on that number…that’s what it was in Salida and I can’t find where they say the number on their site…) who show up.

I could go on and on about some of the shocking things they presented, but I really just want to encourage everyone to watch the film, educate yourself on another side of the story (as opposed to the company lines from Pepsi, Coke and Nestle about how what they are doing in communities all across the country are fine and good and not impactful), and then decide for yourself on things like:

* if you’re satisfied with the status quo at the FDA

* if drinking from a plastic bottle is a good idea for you and/or your loved ones

* if the fact there is over 40 times more plastic than plankton in the middle of the ocean is something to worry about

* BPA and it’s presence in things like the big 5 gallon water jugs and whether or not that matters to you

* where you stand on the issue of clean drinking water being a commodity or a human right

* the fact that a fair amount of bottled water is the exact same water that you could get from the tap

* voting with your dollars

Most of those are things that I never really thought about and now I can’t stop thinking about them.  It’s also hitting a little close to home for me because Nestle has moved in close to Salida to pump out 65 million gallons of water out of the Arkansas River over the next 10 years.  They are leasing this water in a weirdo deal with the City of Aurora so at this point they don’t have the full water rights, but I would be hard pressed to believe they aren’t working towards that end.  The screening in Salida that we attended was organized by a citizen’s group in Salida that has been trying to fight this…small communities are being impacted all over the country, including Colorado.

If you see it, please let me know so we can talk about it!  I’d love to hear all of your opinions on all of those things and more!